City Mayor

Welcome to Palayan City’s official website…….

The creation of our website is one of my priority projects when I assumed office as the City Mayor, because I believe with this undertaking, it will facilitate and expedite the transformation of our local government and communities into better equipped, empowered organizations capable of participating pro-actively and co-existing competitively with our counterparts in the digital world.

Palayan City is 167 kilometers away from Manila. Its remoteness makes it behind to latest technological trends. In the face of the formidable obstacles and constraints, we focused on the vision of making internet facility accessible for our people and the establishment of our own website is big leap to easily avail the various government services we offer and people are empowered to hunt for job opportunities through the internet and do brisk business as their best-selling local products are featured in the local government website, significantly boosting their marketing and promotion efforts.

An informed and educated citizenry will carry out their country to development. This website is a strategic way to enhance the competitive edge of Palayanos, through access to useful information. Hence, we take pride in introducing to you our portal as we bring to you significant information that really reflects the rich potentials, varied resources and capabilities of Palayan City.

Palayan City’s pride is its people, who are hardworking, self-reliant and possess positive attitude. They are the moving partners of the local government in shaping the new direction of Palayan City.

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